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NOTE: With the closing of Germantown Reproductive Health Services, Monday gatherings have ended.

Pray For Germantown is an independent source of news and information about late-term abortion in Germantown, Maryland. It describes the actions of residents of Germantown, Gaithersburg, and the surrounding areas in the metropolitan Washington DC area who were called to take a public stand against LeRoy Carhart’s late term abortion clinic through a weekly prayer vigil on Monday mornings from 8:00 to 10:00am. Find out WHY WE CAME TO GERMANTOWN!

Reasons Why Women Have Abortions in Germantown

  • Something is wrong with the baby and a doctor advised it ("fetal anomalies")
  • Someone else wants them to have the abortion (parents, father of baby, family)
  • Because it will bring to light a sexual relationship that no one knows about (unmarried girls, married women having affairs)
  • Inconvenient time to have a baby (college students, athletes, very young girls in High School)
  • Can’t afford (another) baby
  • Birth control failed

The vigils started shortly after Germantown Reproductive Health Services opened its doors for late term abortions in December, 2010.  Since then, thousands of people have taken time from their busy lives to walk and pray for the closing of the clinic, and for the women who go there.  Representing many Christian denominations including; Catholic, Presbyterian, Evangelical, Baptist, and others those who come are committed to peaceful, prayerful protests and we were there every week since the late term abortions started through their ending in August, 2017.

The Germantown protest have experienced great blessings as they have weathered the outdoor elements, the harassment and scorn of some, and the indifference of many in the community. The fact is that babies are being saved and lives transformed as they came Monday mornings to be a presence, and Stand for Life.   

A civilized society that kills its weakest and most helpless members is not civil at all.  Many are unaware that Maryland law permits the killing of fully formed babies up to the moment of birth.  The alarm must be sounded and we did not stop until this weekly end of the lives of innocent children whose only offense is that they exist, ended.    

Take 90 seconds to see what life is like in the womb that ends, each week, in Germantown.

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