Why Do I Come?

A Recent Witness...

“From afar I saw a Mom get out of her car to go into Carhart’s clinic.  She was so large with her baby (30+ weeks??) that she waddled up to his door for her abortion. I said to myself, THIS is legal? THIS is health care?”  Listen to the beating heart of an unborn child, such as her's.

Quotes from women, men, and children that come Monday mornings:

"Why do we come on Monday morning? Because it is the supreme human rights cause."

"Many individuals coming together can make a difference. In this case, the difference could be life, for a baby."

"I know that most of us are brought to Wisteria Drive with deep convictions about the need for women to know that real help is available, and, the beauty of the gift of life." 

"To me it’s clear that no alternatives are offered to these women who are in real crisis. Instead they are fed lies that they are not carrying a baby unless they want it to be a baby, and that their lives will quickly be back to normal. They are not allowed to see ultrasound images of their babies or hear their child's heart beating. And why not? Why not? The mothers are not informed about or encouraged to consider the wonderful, real alternatives that would offer life to their babies and real on the spot help with the option of parenting or adoption. The painful agony that haunts women who have taken the lives of their own children is dismissed as an illusion by abortion providers."  

"If I had been alive when Jesus was crucified, I hope that I would have had the courage to stand at the foot of the Cross and not simply observe from afar. Monday mornings give me a chance to humbly stand at the foot of the Cross, and embrace it."

"Why do I come on Monday mornings? I peacefully pray for Dr. Carhart to join us one Monday morning and say 'I can no longer be a part of killing innocent babies'."

A Letter...

…From an unborn baby.

"Evil has a strong hold in the U.S. and around the world. One of its greatest manifestations is the genocide of infants. It is unnatural for a mother to kill her child. I believe most of these mothers are pressured into this act and suffer greatly as a consequence. They as much as their babies need to be saved. Somehow this particular abortuary has inspired me to play a bigger part in the battle against evil, and thus I feel compelled to be present on Monday mornings."

"It was the leadership, conviction, and witness, of our parish priests that led me to a determined weekly commitment to come on Monday mornings."

"To pray for Dr. Carhart's conversion, and for an end to abortion."

"I come to Germantown to help others and myself see the absolute horror of abortion, and to help everybody get to heaven."

"To Pray. To pray for all who are involved not only in abortions, but also those that defend life. I pray for the pregnant moms considering an abortion to have a change of heart. And I pray for L. Carhart that he may realize what he is doing is wrong. I pray to close down the clinic here in Germantown."

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