Four Year Prayer Vigil and Rally - January 23, 2015

On Saturday January 23rd, over 300 students, priests, nuns, and chaperones from the Archdiocese of Omaha Nebraska came to Germantown to solemnly mark fours years of late-term abortion in Germantown, MD.  Members of this group regularly pray outside LeRoy Carhart’s Bellevue Nebraska clinic (a former auto garage).  When Carhart isn’t in Nebraska aborting children under 20 weeks old, he comes to Germantown to abort children over 20 weeks old.  All the way through the last trimester of their unborn lives.

Speakers at the rally included: Andrew Glenn, Regional Director for the Maryland Coalition for Life; Pastor Charlie Baile, Shady Grove Presbyterian Church; Dr. Grace Morrison; Rev. Pat Mahoney, Christian Defense Coalition; and Tony Castellano,

See additional photos and video at the Mother Seton Parish Parish Facebook page, and also Maryland Coalition for Life’s Vimeo page!

A Seemingly Endless Stream of Prayer Warriors from Omaha Nebraska Come to Germantown!


Gathering for the Prayer Vigil

Andrew Glenn Warmly Welcomes Our Visitors

Andrew Glenn Regional Director for MD Coalition for Life


Pastor Charlie Baile Leads the Opening Prayer 

Dr. Grace Morrison Explains the History of Late-term Abortions in Germantown

Rev. Pat Mahoney Addresses the Faithful


The Group Gathers for the Rosary Outside Carhart’s Clinic

Outside Carharts 1

Call to Prayer at the Place where Viable Children are Killed Inside their Mother’s Womb


Praying the Rosary

Thank you to all who joined us! And GOD BLESS YOU for YOUR WITNESS to LIFE!!

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