Police *Interrupt* Side-Walk Counselor Speaking with Patient’s Driver, Makes Strange Claim

Monday, February 9th 2015 

According to an eye-witness account:  A driver for a patient of Carhart’s voluntarily rolled down their car window and was having a discussion with a Side-Walk counselor who was standing in the parking lot.  Shortly into their conversation a Police officer came over and told the driver: “…[I] just want you to know that the clinic staff are aware that you are talking to [this person] and if you continue to do so, they won’t be able to proceed with the procedure for the woman [you brought here].  So, while it might be pleasant to talk to [them], you might want to cease, so that the [person] can have the treatment you brought them here for.”  After this, the driver stopped speaking with the Side-Walk counselor.  

Question: Are the police allowed to >>advocate<< on behalf of abortionists?? Even if their strange tale is true??

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